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The proper meaning of block chain.

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One emotion that persists all the time is the frenzy and madness that comes with digital money. Behind this emotion, in fact, people’s tireless pursuit of wealth, and this pursuit is unearned. Obviously, this emotion does not lead to long-term development, if any, in the case of deceiving and deceiving people.

When people began to have a comprehensive understanding of digital money, this attempt to get rich without hard work began to encounter more and more difficulties and problems, and experienced a reshuffle again and again. In spite of this, people still enjoy it. The reason is mainly due to the low cost and quick effect of this way. Therefore, even in the current grim market situation, we still see many players choose to take risks, borrow the concept of block chain, walk on the edge of issuing coins or ICO, in order to realize their dream of creating wealth.

Some people are opportunistic, others are trapped in the cruelty of reality, others believe in bitcoin, in any case, they have embarked on the road of issuing coins or ICO. We cannot say that this path is wrong, only that if we know from the beginning that it is a mistake and use excuses to cover it up, then such mistakes are bound to bring harm to people.


According to the development track of Bitcoin, the ancestor of digital currency, we can see that there is indeed a certain opportunity to regard a certain digital currency as an investment means. However, if we only keep the function and function of digital money in investment, then the so-called digital currency may only have a transaction meaning. Some people may say that just trading meaning is actually enough. Don’t you think stocks only have trading meaning?

However, if we think deeply, we will find that the significance of stock trading lies in that it has a mainstream and legal operating mechanism, while digital currency forms a decentralized operating mechanism. there is no mainstream and legal operating mechanism. Although this approach can greatly improve transaction efficiency and even security, it also makes digital currency a breeding ground for crime and crime, ultimately preventing it from entering the mainstream.

Therefore, blindly limit the functions and attributes of digital money to the transaction level, instead of seeking the connection between it and the real economy, it is only a kind of behavior and means for those opportunistic people to advertise themselves for their own self-interest. In a word, digital money can only do transactions, but digital currencies that only do transactions must have no future.


When the future of digital currency is not bright, more and more people focus on the blockchain. According to people’s understanding, the so-called digital currency is only a scene of the application of blockchain technology, in addition to digital currency, there are many application scenarios of blockchain. As a result, we see that another part begins to focus on the underlying technology of digital currency-blockchain.

Unlike the lightness of digital currency, choosing a blockchain is actually a very difficult road. Because the choice of blockchain technology means that we need to continue to carry out technology research and development, technology evolution, technology landing and application. Once upon a time, we saw so many blockchain geeks who could not resist the cruelty of reality and were defeated on the road of attacking blockchain.

Compared with the singleness of currency circle, people who really break through the technical bottleneck of blockchain see a magnificent new world. Just as the application of blockchain technology on Bitcoin has given rise to a myth, when people apply blockchain technology to different scenarios, one peach blossom source after another begins to emerge. In these sources of peach blossoms, we see a new world that is completely different from the past, which is more effective and subversive, just like the subversion brought about by bitcoin.

However, unlike the opposition between digital money and the mainstream world, the geeks of the chain have found a way to shake hands with the real world, eventually bringing the blockchain to the real world. It can be predicted that when the blockchain technology is applied in more and more scenarios, and when the blockchain really gets rid of the fetters of digital money, its development will really enter a new stage of development.

At present, what we should really be vigilant is that the fanaticism and madness of the blockchain continue to spread, which will disrupt our rational judgment of the blockchain and choose the irrational way of issuing coins or ICO, which will not only not promote the rapid development of the blockchain, but also bring the development of the blockchain to a dead end.

In my opinion, coin rings and chain rings are actually two completely different beings. In the currency circle, there is great fanaticism; in the chain circle, the calmness is unusual. This may be caused by the fundamental difference between appearance and essence. Whether we choose the coin ring or the intensive farming chain circle, we should abandon the fanaticism and madness and look at it rationally and objectively. Only in this way can we abandon our self-prejudice and really return to our customers, and our happiness is not based on the sufferings of others. This is what blockchain is supposed to mean, and that’s what distinguishes it from digital money.

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