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Golden Finance CEO an Xinxin Dialogue AXIA8 Lin Weihao | ABS2020 fireside conversation focuses on the emerging value of block chain.


On July 18, 2020, an Xinxin, CEO of Golden Finance, was invited to host the fireside conversation session of the 2020 Asian Block chain Summit (ABS2020).

Affected by COVID-19 ‘s epidemic situation, the Asian Block chain Summit in 2020 will be held online, and outstanding representatives in various fields of the block chain will jointly discuss the application and development of the block chain.

Panchromatic Finance as the world’s largest Chinese block chain media, the 2020 Asian Block chain Summit (ABS2020) invited Golden Finance CEO an Xinxin to have a conversation with AXIA8 Ventures founder Lin Weihao (Wayne Lin) by the fireside. The theme of the dialogue is “flow of value: unlimited capacity (The Flow of Values: the Infinite Capacity by the Adopters) brought by blockchain trailblazers”.

An Xinxin first introduced Golden Finance to all the summit guests. Golden Finance is the world’s largest Chinese blockchain media, covering 20 million blockchain enthusiasts around the world, with an average daily independence of UV 350000. It is the exclusive data partner of Baidu, Sogou, 360and Shenma. It produces more than 1800 pieces of content a day and holds conferences in 15 countries around the world. It is the most influential blockchain media brand for Chinese.

Lin Weihao said at the beginning that people went through the capital market chaos brought about by COVID in 2020, but saw great momentum in blockchain and digital assets, especially on DeFi and Filecoin. “I believe we have seen the beginning of a bull market, and more importantly, it is a very healthy bull market. After BTC and ETH, we are all looking forward to the ‘third outbreak’.

The dialogue mainly revolves around the following topics.

What is the emerging value of blockchain?
In the formal dialogue session, an Xinxin asked Lin Weihao that the block chain has derived diversified emerging values through the reform of the technological infrastructure. What emerging values can be seen in the market in the near future?

Lin Weihao said that at present, the total market value of cryptocurrency is still too small, the most important thing is to expand capacity, let the value flow, and the sustainable development of DeFi has been partially landed. As the infrastructure matures, especially around transactions, this will provide incremental funding and incentives for participants to join in to make a profit.

Next, an Xinxin’s question is, what kind of value flow can DeFi and trading bring? What kind of change will this bring to the existing market?

Lin Weihao said that the development of DeFi and transactions will bring more value, for example, the financial infrastructure related to encrypted assets is more mature; fairness, regulation and security have been further developed; asset and capital matching efficiency and space have been further improved; and capital and liquidity growth has been more optimized.

‘This expansion has brought in more institutions, more end-users and more capital,’an Xinxin asked. ‘does this mean that the expected blockchain is widely accepted?’

Lin Weihao believes that this is only the first step, and it is also the improvement of the foundation. only when there are facilities, money and people will there be a multiple growth detonation.

Contributors to emerging values and “trailblazers”
The next link mainly focuses on the contributors to the emerging value of the block chain.

An Xinxin asked: the tipping point is a road paved by a large number of top pioneers. What are the main contributions of key talents?

Lin Weihao said that this requires the joint efforts of all industry participants, including the strength of the entire industry, including technology, finance, media, government, users and followers.

An Xinxin asked, with the accumulation of pioneers, what kind of development path is the next development?

Lin Weihao said that the next development path is likely to develop “multiple blockchain infrastructure and asset development, data upgrades, applications and commercial iterations.”

Lin Weihao (Wayne Lin) is the founder of Axia8 Ventures and a former partner of Shanghai Entrepreneurship Capital. He graduated from Babson College BS Finance, and previously worked in commercial banking, Internet finance crowdfunding and payment industries, and has many entrepreneurial experiences.

Founded in 2020 and located in Shanghai, China, Axia8 Ventures specializes in investment, consulting and post-investment services in the field of native blockchain and financial technology. The Axia8 team is committed to providing diversified and in-depth capital and strategic services for startups and projects to realize the emerging value of science and technology in the future.

The Asian blockchain Summit is currently the most professional top blockchain summit in the world, hosted by the Asian blockchain Alliance. Every year, the event attracts top innovation, investment institutions, financial technology enterprises, academic institutions, international media and other professionals and government officials from all over the world to discuss the problems and future trends of the blockchain industry.

The 2020 Asian blockchain Summit (ABS2020) invited a number of international heavyweight guests, such as David Chaum, the “father of digital currency”, European Commission blockchain head, Peteris Zilgalvis, Chief Financial Technology Officer of (MAS), Monetary Authority of Singapore, and Sheila Warren, project leader of blockchain policy at the World Economic Forum.